Order and Pay



1. How to order

  • Step 1: Contact our customer support via Fanpage, Hotline or Zalo to get consulted for designs and size. 
  • Bước 2: After choosing design and size, you will be guided to select your favorite flavours/recipe. An extra charge will be applied upon your choice of recipe, please refer beloe Note 2 for more information. 
  • Bước 3: Please provide contents/information you want for decoration, date, time and address for delivery.
  • Bước 4: Our customer service officer will check shipping fee and confirm your order.
  • Bước 5: Double check and process payment.
  • Bước 6: Payment received and order confirmed

2. How to make payment

After double checked all information of your order, please process payment as belowing: 

Benificiary: Võ Thị Hà Hải

Vietcombank: 0071000729566

Vietcombank Ho Chi Minh Branch

Techcombank: 19023024467016

Techcombank Binh Thanh Branch

Note : Name - Phone Number


  • Minimum deposit is 50% of your order.
  • In case the order will be sent for another person as present, please process payment of 100% value of your order.

Please send us bank slip once you finish transfer, we will confirm payment received and process your order.

3. Notes

Note 1: Booking time

  • For cupcakes with butter cream flowers: Please make order minimum 3 working hours before your delivery time.
  • For Butter cream flowers cake: Please make order mimimum 1 working day  or 2 days in advance if your delivery day is in weekend. 
  • For fondant/printing decoration: Please make order 2-4 days before you delivery day (depend on designs1).
  • For big size or special projects: Please make order 7 days in advance. 

MaDi recommend to make order as soon as possible to avoid full of orders and we cannot accept your order. Please refer our above timeline or contact our customer support officer to get more detailed. 

Note 2: Cake Recipes/ Flavours

Below is recipes/flavour offered byMaDi, this is applied for birthday cakes only. Random flavours will be applied for cupakes. In case your oder of cupcake is 20 or above, you can choose one of our free of charge recipes/flavours as below: 

Note 3: Cancellation or change your delivery day

  • For fondant cakes: 2 days in advance
  • Other birthday cakes: 1 day in advance
  • For cupcake/others: 1 day in advance

In case your required cancellation time exceeds our timeline, please contact our customer support officer to check if the order has been process or yet. We will not be able to cancel or change your delivery day of the order has been processed. 

Note 4: Taking photos of your product

  • Upon your request, we will take photos of your cakes by professional camera and send it to you before delivery.
  • In case there is no request, we have right to not take any photo in our studio and your order will be delivered as scheduled..

Note 5: Using image for MaDi marketing purposes.

  • If you have requests about disclosure of photo of your cake, please inform our customer support officer. In case there is no such request, MaDi will have right to use those photos for our marketing purposes.