Delivery Policy


Delivery Policy

1. Delivery Distance

Because of typical character of each cake, MaDi has set limitation on distance as below: 

  • For corn cream cakes/Mousse:Maximum 8km from our bakery
  • For butter cream cakes: Maximum 10km from our bakery
  • For Fondant cakes và Maximum 14km from our bakery

However, please contact our customer support officer to check exactly about ability for delivery to your address.

2. Delivery Fee

  • As highly requested for delivery to make sure your order will be well received, we pay for shipper as formula: Standard fee on Ahamove App x 2. However, you will be charged as Standard fee on Ahamove App x 1.5, the rest fee will covered by MaDi.
  • Free delivery for order from 2,000,000 đ and within 3km from our bakery.
  • Free delivery for order from 4,000,000 đ and within 7km from MaDi
  • Free delibery for all orders from 6,000,000 đ

Note: If you requested to deliver before 7:30AM or after 7PM, delivery fee will be double of Ahamove Standard Fee.