Guaranteed and User Guide


1. Delivered and Guaranteed

  • After your order is delivered, please carefully check: Content and decoration of cakes as your order, completion of the products. 
  • If there is no any issue, please sign confirmation with shipper that you have got your order as confirmed and totally matched your requirements. After signed confirmation, MaDi will not be responsible for any mistakes or broken found.
  • If the cake arrived with errors during shipping or the contents werent matched your requiremnts as confirmed, MaDi would immadiately fix it without charging. In case We could not fix it, a new products or 150% value of your order will be compensated. 
  • Within 24 hours, if you found any fuggy or abnormal smells when you enjoy the cakes, please inform MaDi immediately, we will request our staff to come and check. In case that was from MaDi's mistakes, a 150% value of you order would be compensated.
  • In case any fault or broken happens after you sign confirmation, please inform us, we will evaluate the broken levels and inform you fixing fee and process correction upon your agreement.

2. User Guide

* Butter Cream Cakes / Cupcakes

  • Best use within 3 days since you receive your order. Store in cool place or fridge 
  • Take it out from fridge and wait for 30 minutes to get it softer and more tasty. 

* Cakes with topping cream /  Mousse / Tiramisu/ Cheesecake

  • Best use within  days since you receive your order

*** All cakes neeed to be fully covered and store in cool refrigerator compartment.

*** Do not use products expired or fuggy smell.