FD230 - From 4,300,000đ
Dedicate a sweet ivory handbag to the women you love.
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Send a little love into this small gift... 'Wishing the two beautiful women to always be the most beautiful.'

The Lady Dior handbag is designed uniquely and impressively by the artisans at MaDi. From the sweet cake-like material, the bag is meticulously crafted with delicate and soft lines, combined with a charming pastel pink color and a luxurious gold Dior lock detail, creating a masterpiece of exquisite cake art.

Dedicate to the special women in your life a surprising and meaningful gift, a gift that replaces gentle words of love that are hard to express.


Please make order 2 days in advance for this design. Please note that colour of this design could be variable a bit with shown image.