Dấu ấn 15

Dấu ấn 15

TT92 - From 4,950,000đ
Congratulations on the 28th anniversary of Bao Long's establishment.
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28 years of establishment - 28 years of dedication, Bao Long Insurance has, is, and will contribute genuine values to the community and society in order to build a peaceful and prosperous community.

The commemorative cake for the 28th anniversary of Bao Long's establishment is impressively designed by the artist from MaDi, featuring dominant shades of blue and gold, which are also the company's brand colors.

Wishing Bao Long continuous growth and soon becoming the most trusted insurance company in Vietnam, as envisioned by the company.


Please make order 2 days in advance for this design. Please note that colour of this design could be variable a bit with shown image.